Kerry B. - Board Member At Large



Kerry started shooting "on the farm" in Pennsylvania. Hunted birds, groundhogs (declared war on groundhogs after a groundhog hole tore a wheel off the bailer _ made for a lot of work!) and deer.  Member of the ROTC small bore rifle team at college. He joined the Army in 1971 as an armor officer. Talk about a blast _qualified with tank weapons (both M_60 tank and M_551 Sheridan), M_2 .50 Caliber, M_60 machine gun, M_2 submachine gun, M_14, M_16, M_203 and M_79 grenade launcher, and the 1911A1. He also fired 106mm Recoiless rifle, 81 and 107 mm mortars, 105 and 155 mm howitzers and the 20mm cannon (both the single barrel and Vulcan "gatling gun").  Range Safety Officer and Officer in Charge on all of the above weapons. He retired from the Army in 1996.  Kerry is an NRA Life member since 1976. Kerry has been an IDPA shooter since 1999. Kerry is a certified Front Range SO and is an official IDPA HQ trained SO.  Kerry has been Match Director and Assistant MD for many CC matches over the years.