Safety Officer Class



2021 Safety Officer Class

Mike Foster the Colorado  Safety Officer Instructor is offering an SO class.


Each IDPA club is limited to two primary candidates and one alternate candidate.


If you are interested in becoming a Safety Officer and meet the requirements listed below in M-13.2.1 please respond to me at:

Any questions about the SO class or range please ask me directly and NOT the range.



Class Details

  • Date: 12/18/2021
  • Time: 8am - 5pm
  • Arvada Rifle and Pistol Club
    • 5930 Mcintyre St
    • Golden, CO 80403
  • Cost: $20 (please bring cash)
  • Bring a sack lunch or cash to order Pizza (it will be a working lunch)
  • Bring all of the gear and ammo you would take to an IDPA match
  • The morning will be class and the afternoon will be practical work on the range


IDPA requirements for SO:
M-13.2 IDPA Safety Officer Qualifications
A) Have completed an IDPA Safety Officer Class taught by an authorized IDPA
Safety Officer Instructor (SOI).
B) Be a current member in good standing of IDPA, and not have had their
membership revoked.
C) Adhere to the IDPA Safety Officer Code of Conduct.
D) Regularly participate in IDPA matches as an SO at either the club or
sanctioned match level.
E) Maintain their SO certification via continuing SO education and
recertification every two years in accordance with current IDPA HQ policy.

M-13.2.1 IDPA members applying to take the IDPA Safety Officer Class should meet the following minimum qualifications to be considered:
A) Be at least 21 years of age and be able to lawfully possess a firearm under the laws of your country of residence.
B) Be a current IDPA member in good standing for at least six months, and never have had their membership revoked.
C) Have shot at least six IDPA matches, at the club or sanctioned level.
D) Possess a basic knowledge of the IDPA rulebook.
E) Be sponsored by an IDPA-affiliated club representative that can confirm the applicant’s ability to safely handle a firearm and who is willing and able to provide designated mentor SOs committed to training the graduate SO.