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Tips for the Classifier

  • 72 rounds are needed for the Classifier

  • Ammo will be chronographed

  • Not open to 1st time IDPA shooters, no Match Conduct Safety Course.

  • Bring all your reloading devices (mags, moon clips, speedloaders...) as you shoot others can reload.

  • Charge 3 magazines with 6 rounds for:

    • Stage 1, String 1

    • Stage 2, String 1

    • Stage 3, String 1

    Charge 1 magazine with 5 rounds for:

    • Stage 3, String 2

  • Charge your reload magazines to Division maximum or fully charged.

  • A concealment garment is optional.

  • No reshoots allowed.

  • No Side Match.

  • Everyone helping also makes for a faster Classifier so please:

    • tape targets

    • pickup brass

    • reload



FRIDPA is allowing PCC in its matches, including the Classifier with the understanding that there is as yet no chart of classification for PCC.  So the PCC scores will not be uploaded into the National IDPA database and no class given in the spread-sheet.



Classifier Downloadable Files


FRIDPA Chronograph Procedures

  • All bays are setup for the Classifier and in addition one bay is setup with two chronographs, well away from registration
    • Bay 4 at CCCSC
    • Bay 7 at PPGC
  • The two chronographs are setup on both sides of the CoF
  • During registration the shooter is instructed to have 5 rounds ready charged in a mag/reloading device for testing
  • After registration all shooters go to the chronograph bay to have their ammo chronographed
  • The bays remain hot because there is no need to go downrange to check any targets
  • SOs are running the weigh stations:
    • SO calls the shooter to the station
    • SO asks the bullet weight
    • SO instructs the shooter to hand over the ammo charged into a mag/reloading device to be tested
    • SO pulls the bullet and weighs it
    • SO writes the weight on the shooter's Classifier score sheet
    • SO releases shooter to wait for next chrono
  • SOs are running the chronographs:
    • SO calls the shooter to the line
    • SO instructs the shooter to hand over the ammo charged into a mag/reloading device to be tested
    • SO instructs the shooter to unholster or unbag their firearm and place it, muzzle downrange in the measuring box on the table/barrel top
    • SO confirms the firearm fits into the measuring box
    • SO loads the firearm and fires 5 test shots through the chronograph
    • SO unloads the firearm and places it, muzzle downrange in the measuring box on the table/barrel top
    • SO instructs the shooter to reholster or rebag their firearm
    • SO calculates and records the power factor on the shooter's Classifier score sheet
  • Shooter proceeds to another bay to shoot the classifier
  • The last few shooters remain on the chronograph bay to shoot the Classifier
  • Shooter allowed to shoot the Classifier but the match score will be a NFC, when:
    • ammo fails to meet power factor
    • weapon does not fit within the appropriate measuring box



From the IDPA website


9.3 Universal Semi-Automatic Classification
The classification attained by shooting the Classifier in any semi-automatic pistol division must be applied to all other

semi-automatic pistol divisions. For example, if an SSP shooter receives an Expert classification, they are then also classified as Expert in CCP, ESP, and CDP.



The Classifier Match 

Only current IDPA-affiliated clubs may run Classifiers and only current IDPA members may shoot the Classifier. New shooters that have applied for IDPA membership, but do not yet have an IDPA number may shoot the Classifier and the results will be held by the Match Director until the shooter receives a membership card. 

Only the Match Director and Certified SOs specifically designated by the MD or Club Contact can hold a Classifier match for one person or several squads as needed. However, an MD or SO may not run the Classifier for him/herself. Every IDPA-affiliated club must run the Classifier as one of their monthly matches at least once per year. To accommodate local shooters that want to shoot Sanctioned Matches, holding more than one Classifier per year is recommended. 

The Classifier must be shot as a single seventy-two(72) round match, shot all in one day to the best of one’s ability. It is permissible to allow reshoots of a whole stage due to equipment problems and/or shooter mental errors for the purpose of accurate Classification as long as the reshoot occurs on the same day as the rest of the Classifier. However, no reshoots of individual strings of fire are permitted. If the Classifier is part of a scored match with other IDPA stages or the shooter is trying to attain a six firearm award, no reshoots are permitted. 

During the Classifier only, shooters may load to division capacity, or fully load their normal IDPA compliant magazines, or load to any count sufficient to complete a string as required. The two strings that require downloading must use the exact loading specified. 

A concealment garment is optional for the Classifier.

Stage One. Limited Scoring, 7 yards (6.4 meters) See Stage Procedure for IDPA Classifier Stage 1.

Stage Two. Limited Scoring, 10 yards and 5 yards (9.1 meters and 4.6 meters) See Stage Procedure for IDPA Classifier Stage 2.

Stage Three. Limited Scoring, 20 yards and 15 yards (18.3 meters and 13.7 meters) See Stage Procedure for IDPA Classifier Stage 3.

The start position for all strings is standing erect with hands naturally at sides. 

A Bianchi barricade is 72” tall and 24” wide (1.8 meters x 0.6 meters.) 
Barrels are stacked two high and the fault lines run perpendicular to the targets 3.5' feet off the centerline on each side.




The 4 rules of gun safety

The 1st Rule of Gun Safety - The Gun Is Always Loaded!


The 2nd Rule of Gun Safety - Never Point A Gun At Something You're Not Prepared To Destroy!

The 3rd Rule of Gun Safety - Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until Your Sights Are On The Target! 

The 4th Rule of Gun Safety - Always Be Sure Of Your Target And What Is Behind It!




All matches at FRIDPA are conducted using a COLD RANGE.


Firearms must be:

1.      unloaded

2.      holstered or bagged at all times

3.      hammer/striker down on a empty chamber/empty cylinder

4.      no magazine inserted


You may only handle your firearm at the direction of a Safety Officer (SO) or in the designated Safe Area. You may not handle any ammunition or loaded magazines in the Safe Area.


Violation of the COLD RANGE will result in a match disqualification.


Match Conduct Safety Course©

Shooters new to IDPA must attend a full Match Conduct Safety Course©; late arrivals for the course are not allowed to join the course in progress nor shoot the match.